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With Great Sadness, Mr. Moore Passed Away in June, 2017

My love for ships and the sea began in childhood.  My father was employed by a steamship company in Philadelphia.  Visits to the waterfront as a young boy introduced me to the great ships as they loaded and unloaded cargo before sailing to destinations far away.  As a boy I also discovered the wonderful ship drawings of Gordon Grant in "The Book of Old Ships," and was greatly influenced by his work.  Later I watched my brother go off to war on a Navy cruiser.

Following university I served for five years as an officer in the United States Navy, all of it on destroyers from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea, which afforded me an intimate view of the sea in all its moods.

I have a particular interest in bringing historic ships to life.  My goal is to blend meticulous attention to detail with a romantic feeling for ships and the sea reminiscent of the great marine painters of the past.  I work in both watercolor and oil.

This website presents some representative ship paintings from many eras of sail and steam.  I hope that you will enjoy you r visit.  If you wish to discuss with me any of the paintings, or the possibility of a commission to paint one of your favorite ships, please feel free to contact me by sending an E-Mail Thank you for your interest!

As a souvenir of your visit, please download the attached pencil sketch of the clipper "Young America" as an expression of my appreciation for your visit !    

 Richard C. Moore

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My first painting in preschool.  Notice the trouble I was having with wind direction.


My first oil painting in Junior High School.


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