How To Paint Water Colors - Richard C. Moore

Are you interested in learning to do watercolor sketches outdoors?  I have included this section to help beginners get started in this pleasant pursuit or perhaps you simply want to know how I go about it, in which case this section may be of interest to you.

When painting outdoors, I go for the simplest, lightest, smallest painting equipment possible.  In a studio one can tolerate massive mixing palates, multitudinous tubes of paint of every color of the rainbow, brushes of every shape and size and gallons of water.  But outside I make it my religion to simplify.

Here is all that you really need:  Watercolor paper, a few well-chosen watercolors in a portable form, a few brushes, both flat and round, pencil and eraser, a small plastic water bottle, a small white area for mixing color, and a comfortable stool.  I will first describe the materials, and then go on to suggest some of the techniques involved in sketching and painting small watercolor sketches outdoors.


Watercolor Painting of Notre Dame, Paris France  Notre Dame, Paris



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